The Final Fantasy XIII: Hope & Lightning fanlisting has been online since September 30, 2017.

It is entitled Salvation, which is defined as the act of saving or protecting from harm. I feel that this title perfectly describes their relationship both literally and figuratively. Lightning and Hope both had roles in becoming a savior to the people of Cocoon, but most importantly have always had each other's back. They would go to the end of time to save the other, and also helped each other overcome their weaknesses - she teaches him to fight to protect people, and he helps her regain her humanity. They complement and complete each other ♥


This fanlisting is skinned with two layouts~ I wanted to show Lightning and Hope at different stages of their lives ♥

Version Prologue ~Fighting Fate~ features young!Hope and Lightning from the first game. The theme is the calm before the storm and I wanted a cool layout that showed them as partners in battle. At the bottom, she is trying to get him to open up about what was troubling him. When he tells her that she wouldn't understand, she tells him "you and I are partners"

Version Epilogue ~Reminiscence~ features adult!Hope and Lightning from the novella that takes place after the final game. I wanted a dreamy design that showed these two as partners in life ♥ As the novella puts it: "May this woman, who was once a brilliant flash of light in that other world, chance upon hope – this was my wish."


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